September 29, 2011

Booking Through Thursday (Sept. 29): Loud

This week, Booking Through Thursday, asks:
1. What do you think of reading aloud/being read to? Does it bring back memories of your childhood? Your children’s childhood?
2. Does this affect the way you feel about audio books?
3. Do you now have times when you read aloud or are read to?
I have never been read aloud to, not even when I was a child. I also don't enjoy reading aloud to others, as I have a speech impediment and can't pronounce certain words correctly. It's like I have a thousand different accents smushed together and I don't like hearing myself speak.

As for audio books, I've never really considered them. I actually haven't used an audio book before and I have to admit that it has never really interested me. Though, I think it would make going through books a whole lot faster, I can't really say I like them because I much prefer the act of reading, and not just listening.

I don't think I have times when people read to me (except for school maybe, group reads) but I do read aloud to my younger sister. She's eight years old this October 16 and she still can't read properly. so I help her out.

How about all of you? Leave a comment down below or at BTT!


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