October 28, 2011

BLOG TOUR: House Millar Books 1 & 2 - Excerpts

Hello ladies and gents! This here post is a little stop for Aine P. Massie's House Millar blog tour. She's the fabulous author of Blood's Voice and Blood Bound, the first two books in the series. I'm here today to bring you a little taste of the novels, two excerpts: one from Blood's Voice, and one from Blood Bound. Make sure to visit often as there will be a giveaway at the end of this tour!

First a little info about Aine and her new series.


Áine P Massie is originally from Florida, she now lives in Wisconsin where she works on her House Millar series full time while raising four children (the term herding cats comes to mind). Her major in College was Childhood Education (0-5) with a minor study in Deaf Culture/ASL. She is also a Wiccan priestess dedicated to the gods, family, and love.

A life-long reader, Áine has always had a particular fascination with vampires, mythology, and the unusual. When she can escape from her children and books, she enjoys .. oh yes, reading, playing, ritual, a good cappuccino, and working with her healing stones.

Her first published work came in high school where she was part of a writing and drama group. But, she’s been reading the likes of Shakespeare and Poe since late elementary school and enjoys most forms of fiction. Blood’s Voice has been a long time in coming and with its publication (June 2011) Áine embarked on a new chapter in her life.

Áine P Massie is currently working on her third novel, Glamour Blade.

For more information visit Áine P Massie at http://housemillar.host56.com or see contact details below.



Blood's Voice
By Áine P Massie
Publisher: Geas Publishing
Date Pubbed: June 1, 2011
Genre: Paranormal Romance / Fiction
eBook – $7.99
Paperback – $18.99
ISBN-13: 978-1463559274
ISBN-10: 1463559275
ASIN: B005405MYK
BN ID: 2940012757210

Anya Millar had no memory of her life or an instruction manual on how to navigate the insane world of humans, biting, and reality. Instead, Anya has had to learn to navigate the world of love, life, and sanity while avoiding those that would see her dead or enslaved. 
This is the ongoing journey of Anya and Nicholas, human loving vampires and the human they love, Declán. What makes it all more complicated is that they are abominations in their own world and Declán is a natural born vampire hunter called a Guardian. 
Anya must come to terms with who she is and her missing past, Nicholas must win back the object of his eternal love while dealing with new cravings in his silent heart, and Declán must learn to destroy the very creatures that he has unequivocally given his heart and blood.


Blood Bound
By Áine P Massie
Publisher:Geas Publishing
Date Pubbed: October 31, 2011
Genre: Paranormal Romance / Fiction
eBook – $6.99
Paperback – $17.99
ISBN-13: 978-1463593025
ISBN-10: 1463593023

How many ways can a hearts true love be shared? After poisoning, near death attacks, consummated passions, and possible insanity visit Anya, Nicholas, and Declán they embark on their future. Or at least they try to. Jealousy can be a pain, in more ways than one. 
Can Anya protect her lovers, find peace within herself, and lead the House Millar? With her loves and guards, Nicholas and Declán, she sets out to do just that. If only life, eternal life, were that easy. 
Come take a walk with our loving family and witness the strange turns and twists as life, love, and passions collide with greed, politics, and evil.


Now for the teaser excerpts! Here is the one from Blood's Voice!

Blood's Voice

That afternoon, after school, I dropped Declán off at his house and went straight over to Nicholas’s. I was still not happy about what he and Declán were asking for permission to do. Declán is human, soft, breakable, and most importantly, mortal. How could Nicholas be encouraging this insanity? I had thought it was something I would be pleased with, considering how Nicholas had acted when he told me Declán wanted to see me. 

I pulled up in front of Nicholas’s home, got out, and before I had made it to the door was already calling for him – sternly, but careful to not allow my feelings to flow through my voice. “Nicholas, I need to speak to you, now.” 

Nicholas, Amber, and Jonathan all appeared in the doorway. “What’s wrong Anya?” Nicholas said looking warily at me. “Has something happened?” 

“Hi Amber. Hi Jonathan. 

“Oh, something has happened alright. How could you put such ridiculous notions into Declán’s head? He’s a mortal Nicholas, or have you somehow forgotten that?” I trailed off struggling to contain my temper. I had kept my thoughts in check all day around my human friends and classmates but the fear, the terror of Declán fighting with us had me nearly shaking again. 

“Anya, please. What I suggested is not so outlandish, I promise. In fact, I have been discussing this very idea with Jonathan.” 

“Nicholas, Declán is very good at his form of combat . . . in competition . . . with humans. He can’t compete with one of us.” Has he lost his mind? 

“Anya, if I may,” Jonathan interjected. “Would you allow me to speak to Declán? To assess him? Nicholas and I have been speaking and well, I think I have a theory about what he’s seeing within Declán. It also might explain some of the other oddities that he’s noted about your human.” Jonathan had that strange light in his eyes that only happens when he is unravelling some convoluted oddity. 

“Fine,” I sighed. “But what theory are you talking about?” I did not like this. 

“I would rather wait to explain it. Let me assess your human first please,” Jonathan nearly begged. What could he be thinking? And, how could he be supporting this . . .? 

“Very well. You can assess him but he’s only human. He cannot withstand fighting with one of us. He does not even have the ability to hurt one of us.” Turning to face Nicholas I continued, “And I am holding you personally responsible for this insanity!” 

“I can accept that.” For some strange reason that I could not fathom he looked completely at ease with my annoyance. 

“Fine,” I seethed at him. “I will call him and ask that he comes over to my place, you can speak with him there Jonathan. Yes?” I was not happy but maybe Jonathan would have enough sense to stop this before it goes too far. 

“Agreed.” Jonathan and Nicholas both looked satisfied, though Amber looked concerned. 

It was not long before Declán arrived at my home looking curious. 

“Anya, love, what’s up?” Declán asked as he laced his fingers through mine – resting his forehead against mine. 

“Nothing good I fear. Jonathan is here to assess the changes in you and see if you and Nicholas are right.” I could not seem to hold my voice steady, worry slipping out. “I do not like this idea.” 

“Jonathan? Why him?” he murmured, confusion tainting his query. 

“Because he believes that he may know why you have changed and what it means. He is very excited . . . as are Nicholas and Geoffrey.” I sighed. He is human, why can they not see that? 

“Relax Anya, you look practically green,” he laughed. “So Jonathan wants to look me over, big deal.” 

“It is a big deal if he sides with them and encourages this insanity. If anything happened to you because of this--” I choked off, unable to continue. 

“Relax dear,” he said with a smile as he pulled me toward the house. “Jonathan won’t hurt me.” 

“Harrumph!” was all I could manage as I trailed along beside him into my home. 

Standing in the doorway to the living room were Jonathan, Nicholas, and Geoff. I idly wondered where the girls were. 

Jonathan just motioned for Declán to come over where he was standing. Jonathan was looking at him with severe, penetrating eyes; I had never seen any of them look like that before. He reached up carefully to take Declán’s face in his hands, moving it this way and that. “Hum, his eyes have definitely changed.” His right hand suddenly shot forward at Declán as if to strike him but Declán blocked aptly. 

“No!” I screamed without thinking. Both of them froze in fear, eyes wide. Poor Declán was shaking. “What are you doing?” How dare he try to hit Declán? 

“Anya, release them,” Nicholas whispered. “Jonathan was just checking his reflex speed. He wouldn’t have actually hit him, trust me please.” Nicholas moved to wrap his arms around me, but for once, it was not comforting. 

“Fine,” I snapped. “Relax guys, I did not mean to harm or frighten you.” I worked hard to rein in my irritation and fears. 

Jonathan spoke first, having recovered a little faster than Declán. “Anya, I need to test him, to see if his reflexes and such are really as Nicholas describes. Please, control your voice or I can’t do this.” Turning to Nicholas he murmured, “Maybe we should not have done this here. Anya’s too protective.” 

“No, please continue Jonathan. I am sorry for yelling, I just . . . you tried to hit him. What was I supposed to feel?” 

“Anya, how did he block me? That strike was not the fastest I could have thrown but it was far faster than a human could have swung. Also, how is his arm not now shattered? Think on that for a minute.” Jonathan suddenly looked wary again, “I would like to check how deep his changes have gone. But. . .” 

Declán and I murmured, “But,” in unison. 

“But that would require a small amount of his blood,” Jonathan whispered. I was not sure if Declán could even hear him, his words were so soft. Jonathan looked at me with wide, pleading eyes as he waited for my reaction. 

“His blood?” I was going to lose my mind or he had already. “How can you expect me to think that biting him is okay?” I was straining to maintain control of my voice. 

Declán looked at me oddly, “Bite who? Me?” No, he had not heard what Jonathan had said. 

“Yes, Jonathan wants a bit of your blood to check how far the changes go.” I tried to sound detached but I do not think I fooled anyone. 

“Oh, OH,” Declán said startled. He looked at Jonathan now, finally wary. 

“It’s not like that Declán,” Jonathan clarified. “I just wanted to see if you are just a little augmented or if you are actually one of the Guardians.” He said the last word with a strange sense of reverence and . . . trepidation. 

“What do you mean Guardian? You say it like some form of special title.” 

“Well, because it is Anya, though I thought they had died out long ago,” Jonathan said. He had not taken his eyes off Declán and the look he gave now was unnerving, frightening really. Guardian? What does he mean? 

“Well, I can’t give you permission to take his blood. I am not sure about this even if Declán agrees.” 

“Declán? It is the only way for me to be sure. And, if you are one of them . . . that might explain some of Ashley’s behaviour that night at the club.” Jonathan was not going to give up now that he suspected that Declán was some Guardian, though of what I was not sure. 

“Um,” he started looking between Nicholas and me. “If it’s the only way, I – I guess it’s okay.” Declán looked nauseous but sure. How could he so easily agree to this? Ugh. 

“No one will harm you,” Nicholas said looking at Declán. “You do know that, right?” 

“Yes, I know that. I just . . . well, the last person to bite me Anya destroyed and I was ill for two days.” Declán was so cute when nervous. “If I let him do this, you won’t hurt Jonathan, right?” he mumbled towards me. 

“Ha-ha. No, I will not hurt him Declán. I just don’t like this but it is your choice.” I choked on the last word. 

“Anya, I will not hurt him. I promise,” Jonathan whispered. 

I did not know if I could actually stand here and watch this. Someone, even someone I trust, biting Declán goes against everything that is right and good in my mind. Nicholas’s arms tightened around me, this time as restraints if needed. I pressed my lips together harshly trying to make sure that no sound would escape like it had when he tried to hit Declán. 

I watched; pain searing to my core as Jonathan moved around back of Declán. He gently placed his hands, one on Declán shoulder and one on the side of his head – bending his head to expose his neck more clearly. Slowly, Jonathan descended his teeth and carefully bent until they were barely touching Declán’s throat. 

Nicholas’ grip became more rigid as he whispered, “He’ll be fine, I promise.” 

I could not look away, though it pained my heart to watch. Jonathan’s teeth pierced Declán’s skin and I could both see and smell the blood pool quickly around the teeth. Jonathan only took one sip and then released Declán, stepping back and motioning me toward Declán. 

Nicholas released me and I practically flew the few feet to enwrap Declán in my arms. I quickly bit my finger and carefully touched where the wounds were to heal them. In just a moment there was no trace of the fact he had been bitten – other than the fact his body was suddenly excited and his eyes slightly unfocused, like how they had described Declán’s behaviour the first time. 

Not releasing Declán I looked over towards Jonathan. He was standing across the room with his eyes closed slowly shaking his head as a smile played at the corners of his lips. After a few minutes like this – me wanting to scream – Jonathan finally looked up at us and grinned. “He is one of the Guardians! You bonded a Guardian to you Anya.” He began laughing as he clasped his hands together, the grin becoming even more severe. “Never, in all my years. . .” 

Geoffrey was looking at Declán with the oddest look. “Jonathan, what does it mean that a Guardian has resurfaced and that he has fallen for and been bonded to a vampire? Especially one such as Anya?” 

“I have never heard of such a thing, not in any of the ancient tales. Guardians are the protectors of good, of innocents. They hunt down our kind and destroy those that kill humans.” 

Just then, Star appeared in the doorway. “Did I hear you call Declán a Guardian?” She was looking back and forth between Declán and Jonathan with a strange glint in her eyes. “That’s not possible!” 

“Yes, Star,” Jonathan replied. “It is. There is no doubt that he is one, none.” He was still looking at Declán with a strange mixture of awe and dread. 

Star turned, looking extremely upset by this news and spoke to me, “Anya, I didn’t know. I would have warned you, I swear!” 

I felt my head tilt to the side as I tried to ponder through her odd words. “Warned me about what? I do not understand why you are all so stressed over this news. What is it that I am not understanding? So, Declán is a Guardian – whatever that is. He is supposed to protect innocents and hunt those of our kind that kill humans. I understand that part but why are you looking like you might cry? The guys all look happy.” What secret am I not in on? 

“Nothing. I just . . .” Star trailed off staring blankly for a moment. 

“He has to be trained and outfitted. I can tend to that for him,” Nicholas chimed in looking at Star oddly. “But Anya,” he continued shifting his gaze to me. “You are going to have to lessen the protective hold you have on him.” 

“Jonathan, are you certain of this?” I asked imploringly. 

“Yes, I am. Though,” he grimaced, “you and possibly Nicholas are the only ones that can bite him and not suffer.” I noticed then that he was breaking out in a light blood sweat and his grimace worsened. 

“Jonathan, what is wrong with you?” Dropping my voice just a little, “Nicholas, help him.” 

Through all this discussion, Declán had just been listening and absorbing everything. As Nicholas moved toward Jonathan with blinding speed Declán finally spoke again. “What is wrong with Jonathan? Did my blood hurt him somehow?” 

Nicholas was at Jonathan’s side by now, half holding him up as he guided him to a chair. “I’ve never seen him like this. Jonathan? What’s wrong?” Nicholas’ eyes were wild with panic though he managed to keep his voice under tighter control. 

Star spoke up first, not letting Jonathan respond. “Their blood is poison to a vampire. He will be weak for a little while.” Moving over to Jonathan now, she asked him directly, “How much did you taste? Please tell me it was only the smallest of tastes, please. 

“Amber is going to be livid when she finds out.” Star continued quietly. 

“Mmmm, only enough to say for certain that he was a Guardian. I’m not a complete fool,” Jonathan chided weakly.


Next up, Blood Bound!

Blood Bound

Late in the night I left the two of them to their planning and play. Nicholas was resting his head in Declán’s lap while Declán played with his hair as they talked, the last I saw of them. It was sweet and wonderful how close they had become. I was so lucky! 

Simon and Jonathan were visiting when I came into the front sitting room. They both looked up as I entered. “Apologies, I didn’t mean to interrupt. I’m just on my way out.” Why everyone wanted to watch me all the time was beyond me. Frankly it was a little annoying, but hey . . . such was my family. 

Jonathan’s face lit up with a smile and he waved off what I’d said. “No, no. You aren’t interrupting us. We were just visiting. How is Nicholas? Simon said he heard Nic seemed irritated again but I didn’t want to disturb you all upstairs.” 

“Ah, Louie noticed that did he? Nicholas was not upset like before, he was just concerned about someone I met recently that it seems has decided to follow me from NYC. Thinking of that, have either of you met or heard of a deaf vampire named Jason?” Would they, especially Simon with his and Louie’s far reaching contacts, know him? 

To my surprise, Simon started laughing. “Oh, you are funny. How do you always find the unique creatures hiding throughout our world?” 

“Hey, it’s not funny!” I snapped. 

Sobering a bit he looked me over once before speaking again. “No, you’re right. It’s not funny, but it is amusing. I’ve only heard of him, not met him. He never seemed important to seek out honestly. I don’t sign and considering his reputation, never found a reason. He’s a terrible flirt though so you should be wary of Nic’s reaction.” 

“Yeah, so I noticed. Well, I suppose that’s flirting . . . it was more annoying than anything actually. That and the dark shades left me mildly uneasy around him. He said he was rogue though, so I shouldn’t have to worry about him like I do the Houses, right?” 

“Well,” Jonathan paused, thinking through his words first. “Possibly. It depends on why he’s following you I suppose. If he’s not with a House then it’s possible he’s just curious about you or someone could have hired him. I wouldn’t worry too much though. We won’t let anything happen to you.” Jonathan was the one here that reminded me the most of Star and her damnable calm. 

“Yes, well, I’m honestly more interested in what the guys are planning than in my possible would-be stalker. Have you any idea the insanity they are spouting?” 

“Nicholas is a bit theatrical, you know that. You should have expected him to get carried away when you said yes,” Jonathan mused. “How bad?” 

“Very. And Declán is just as bad, frighteningly so in fact. They want a binding with a tat, fine . . . but if someone doesn’t calm them we’re going to end up with some grand festival.” I was still not sure why they were doing this. They sound like little girls with dreams of princes and ponies sometimes. “And Nicholas keeps mentioning some ritual, but I have no idea what that’s about. He just says he’ll explain later, but never does,” I continued with an eye roll. 

Simon and Jonathan looked at each other and then back at me. “Did you say ritual?” asked Simon. “A binding ritual that includes a blood-charm tattoo?” 

“Yes. That’s what he called the tattoo he wants the three of us to receive.” I was starting to truly worry. What exactly had I agreed too that had them both looking like that? “Why?” 

“That’s what he was freaking out about you not immediately agreeing to? Wow!” exclaimed Simon. 

I watched in fascinated horror as they both excused themselves and took off to go find the others. No one would answer my questions about why? I had half a mind to go up and disturb my two evil cherubs but I just didn’t have the heart to do it. They seemed so happy together. 

I decided to do something I had not done in a long while. I went to the roof to think and watch the sunrise. Shutting down my hearing as best I could I decided to just ‘be’ for a while. Sometimes I wished some of the old stories were true, shape shifting and flight would be cool, but I was so glad that we could walk in the sun. It might weaken us some but it was so beautiful and peaceful. 


I could feel someone land lightly near me as I still lay back on the roof watching the morning go by. I was honestly surprised no one had come to find me earlier, alone time was so rare anymore. I appreciated it though. With a soft sigh I sat up and opened myself to the sounds around me. “Morning, mo mhuirnín,” I murmured looking up. 

“Ha-ha. You haven’t called me that in ages.” It was Louie not Nicholas standing beside me. I was so startled that I couldn’t manage to forms words. Louie never comes up here after me, never. How did I not notice who was there? And how badly would Nicholas react when he found out? “Somehow I think you should stick to only calling Nic that though,” he added with a serious look. 

“But, but, you never come up here. I didn’t even think to check,” I croaked weakly. 

“Don’t worry. I understand,” he said gently as he settled down beside me. “I actually came up to find you and talk a minute. Nicholas and Declán are in the middle of a debate with the others over what you revealed to Simon and Jonathan. The thing is, I have a sinking suspicion that you have no idea what got them all riled. Do you?” he asked gently. Louie looked gorgeous, of course, but his perfect features were marred with worry. It was sometimes hard to look into those divine pale ice-blue eyes though; they reminded me so much of Braden’s. 

“No, no one would answer my questions.” 

“Now that I understand what they were actually asking – still can’t believe they managed to keep it hidden this long – I’m not sure my previous counsel would be the same. But, I also know you, you gave your word and I’ve never known you to back out of a promise,” Louie continued unhappily. 

“I thought you supported Nicholas. Why are you unhappy?” Could he please get to the point? 

“It’s not Nicholas I supported when I tried to help you the other night. I was supporting you and what I thought would make you happy. I told you that. However, what you said about not being able to undo it is more accurate than you thought. This ritual and charm actually link you on a more fundamental level. In Nic’s case I’m not that worried. But he wants to link you both with Declán. That is really the part we are all worried about.” Louie reached out, taking my hand between his. He kept his eyes focused on our hands as he played with my fingers for a minute. 

“Why is your worry for Declán? I mean, is it dangerous to him or something?” He had me scared. I wouldn’t do anything that would endanger Declán . . . Nicholas should know that! 

“No. It is not him that I fear for,” he explained. “It’s you, your heart and mind that worry me. I know how hard it was for you to lose Braden. Twice. But when Declán passes, if you have done what they are asking, it might literally kill you.” The pain in his voice was terrifying. 

My mind chose then to shut down. I knew Louie was still trying to talk to me but I had no idea what he said. I couldn’t handle discussions of Declán’s eventual death right then. I just kept replaying the life fading from Braden, over and over. I may be a vampire but I have never willingly killed a human, those that served Marcus notwithstanding. But to watch my husband die nearly killed me before, mentally anyway. Now Louie was suggesting that this bonding would make it even worse when Declán died? I barely maintained my hold on sanity most days as it was . . . 

# # # 

Please note: This excerpt is from the unedited ARC for Blood Bound by Áine P Massie.


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