September 24, 2011

First Reads: Stealing Jenny by Ellen Gable

So, I just received my copy of "Stealing Jenny" by Ellen Gable in the the mail yesterday. You do not know how excited I am. I have never really won anything for free in my life. EVER. This is a first, and its an awesome adsfghjkl; book that I cannot wait to read. Unfortunately, school is getting in the way as well as the billions of books I was planning on reading beforehand (because, you know, I didn't really expect to win anything).

Anyway, "Stealing Jenny" is about the Callahan family. Tom and Jenny Callahan are expecting their sixth child after three devastating miscarriages. Unfortunately, what they don't know is trying to hurt them. Is their neighbor  really who they seem to be?

And here's the eerie cover for this intriguing novel~

Have I said how much I really can't wait to read it!? I cannot contain my excitement right now, I'm practically giddy! I want to thank Ellen Gable - who, by the way, lives in the same province as me, YAY -  for the free book to review as well as the publishers. Also, Goodreads as well for listing the giveaway. Hopefully, I will receive other First Reads books in the future!


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