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To Auhors, Publishers & Publicists
(Last updated on October 10, 2011)

I am extremely interested in reviewing new and upcoming books from authors both well known, and independent. I always try my best to be honest in reviews, putting my thoughts (both likes and dislikes) into the review. As much as I would like to say that I will definitely write a review on every book I read or receive, it simply is not possible to do so as I have my own life (often occupied by school/family/jobs/volunteer work). However, I will often try my best and will get out a review at least twice a month, depending on my schedule.

I read mostly fiction titles that range from YA to mystery to sci-fi and fantasy to chick-lit. I am also interested in Memoirs, and other deeply meaningful and profound books.

I accept eBooks. However, if the title is available as an ARC or finished copy, hardback or paperback, then I would much rather you send those to me. This is mostly because I DO NOT own an eReader of any sort, and so this often hinders my reading as I cannot whip out a laptop during my commute. It is unfortunate since that is where I get most of my reading done. So again, if a physical copy is available, please send me that one instead of the digital copy. To get my mailing address, just e-mail me via the e-mail form found in my Contact page.

My reviews will most likely include the basics, namely:

  • Book /eBook cover 
  • Author 
  • Publisher 
  • Release Date 
  • Format 
  • Pages 
  • Source (where I got my copy) 
  • Where to buy the book 

As of October 10, 2011, I will be including the official synopsis of the book provided by the author, publisher or Goodreads. Then I will post my review as well as my own little summary. I MAY also no longer be rating books I read if I feel they are irrelevant to my review. However, I will provide an award or badge to a book, if applicable, such as Page-turner, Action Packed, Fall on the Floor Laughter, Powerfully Poetic, Romantic, The Thinker, Tear Jerker, Heart Warmer, Monstrously Magical, Taste of Bitter and Sweet, Leaves You Guessing, Creeptacular, Favourite and To Re-Read.

In some cases, I will post info about the author or other promotional material such as websites, trailers, widgets, contests, etc.

If you, dear publisher or author, really want me to write a review on a book and have a specific date in which you wish for the review to be published, then please let me know about it when you e-mail me. If you want me to review a book from a series I have not read, then please send me the other books in the series as well.

Also, I love getting to know the person behind the words! Author interviews, blog tours, guest posts, character interviews and other events can be posted along with my review or on a separate post.

If by chance you want to host a contest or giveaway on my blog, please contact me. I will provide any links the publisher or author requests.

I also try my best not to place spoilers in my review; however, oftentimes they will pop up. If there are spoilers, though, I will try to put a warning in the review that states there will be spoilers. This is the same if the book contains mature subject matter that may not be suitable for younger audiences. It is in the reader’s discretion what they read and what they do not.

I DO NOT receive or accept compensation for my reviews. I will not hand out good reviews for every single book I read, even if I was compensated. As I said before, I try to be as honest as possible. Most of my reviews are usually positive, however there will be books that I will not like and so will not finish (DNF), or put off.

In case you were wondering, my reviews will be published on Goodreads, Chapters Indigo/B&N website (if book is on the database), and any other such third-party site the publishers or authors wish for me to post on. I have not yet bought from Amazon so I cannot post my reviews there.

As for Advance Reading Copies (ARCs), I will accept them wholeheartedly and I promise to respect the fact that they are not to be sold or reproduced. They will remain with me. This is no guarantee though, as I may put them up as a giveaway or trade them with other books, but I promise NEVER to sell or copy them.

I am constantly trying out new ways to review so that my readers are benefited. I reserve the right to change and alter my own reviews at any time.

Thank you for reading this incredibly long policy.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me.


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